Why are we called In2Hyperion? In 1998, Arbor Software was acquired by a company called Hyperion. Since the software was, and is still known by many as Hyperion, In-2-Hyperion made sense. We decided to keep the name since it resonates with so many people.

Kyle Goodfriend started In2Hyperion in 2008. The goal of In2Hyperion is to share information from some of the best industry experts in the world through www.in2Hyperion.com, webinars, and speaking at conferences. We log over 1 million hits a month and are one of the leading blogs related to Oracle EPM. We focus on Essbase, Planning, and Groovy.

Not long after the blog was launched, MS Office introduced ribbons. Ribbons replaced the menus and the icon bar of Office products in prior releases. At that time, the Essbase add-in did not work with ribbons. As people upgraded to newer Office versions, the add-in became extremely cumbersome to use. Smart View was released, but the community still relied on the Essbase add-In. We created the In2Hyperion Essbase Ribbon, released it, and it was downloaded over 100k times over its lifespan. As a result, Kyle become knows as the in2Hyperion and Essbase ribbon guy.

For years, people have been asking us to create a new ribbon for Smart View. After Kyle left consulting, he spent time focusing on rebuilding the ribbon for Smart View. It was released in September of 2021.