This is a complete list of all the features you will get with your subscription.

  • Refresh With Options

    Refreshing worksheets is the cornerstone of any adhoc reporting. We put refresh on steroids. You can refresh the worksheet or all the worksheets in the workbook, but we added even more. The ribbon has two other options that let you refresh with suppression on or off, without changing your Smart View settings.

  • Toggle Aliases

    We know you change your aliases all the time. Now it sits on the ribbon to toggle it on the fly. Change between no aliases and the default aliases whenever you want, quickly and efficiently.

  • Toggle Formatting

    The ribbon also includes quick options to change your aliases between default and none. It doesn’t stop there. You can also toggle your formatting between Excel and Cell Styles.

  • In Ribbon Sheet Options

    Now, all your most commonly edited worksheet settings are on the ribbon, including zoom, suppression, and retention. When you change worksheets, the ribbon automatically updates to reflect the current worksheet settings.

  • Replace HSGet and all other Smart View Functions

    What do you do when you want to distribute those workbooks with Smart View functions? Zap will remove all the functions in your worksheet or workbook with the values they return and leave any Excel formulas.

  • Duplicate Worksheets

    How many times have you wanted to duplicate a worksheet and been frustrated because it doesn’t copy your settings and connection? That is now a thing of the past. The worksheet duplicator will copy any worksheet and include the connection and worksheet settings.

  • Create and Manage Templates

    The Power Adhoc ribbon adds a complete template management vehicle. Commonly used worksheets can be saved in groupings and reused at a later time by opening them right from the ribbon. Group them by application, purpose, or however you want. Templates can be starter adhocs or standard reports. You manage your templates and how they are organized. Your templates can be renamed, reorganized, or removed at any time.

  • Customize Your Experience

    Power Options allows you to show/hide the options you want. You no longer need to see the options that aren’t relevant to you.

  • Stay Connected

    Because you maintain your subscription, we can easily let you know when updates are released.  As soon as any improvements are available, you will be the first to know.

  • Frequently Used Smart View Options Are Included

    Not everything on the ribbon will be new to you. To reduce the need to toggle between ribbons, the most commonly used options from Smart View are included.

  • Power Tooltips Included

    To reduce the learning curve, every option has a power tooltip that explains its purpose.

  • You Drive The Change

    By having a subscription, you get all the updates and you decide what enhancements are prioritized. If there is an enhancement you need, ask for it.

  • How Long Did It Take?

    Many operations, like refreshing and submitting, can sometimes take longer than you expect. Just to make sure you can monitor those requests, we notify you how long it took by updating Excel Status Bar.

Future Enhancements

We get tons of requests and great ideas.If you are a subscription holder, you will be included on voting for the priorities of what comes next.These are some of the requests and ideas that are being evaluated or actively worked on.

The Power Roadmap

  • Create an option to set defaults for all new requests. This will include things like suppression, aliases, formatting, and the rest of the worksheet level settings.
  • Set global settings at the worksheet level so when worksheets are changed, the global settings don’t change.
  • Submit data without refreshing.
  • Submit data for a range.
  • Submit and retrieve multiple grids.
  • Create a connection manager. Save encrypted passwords for quick-connect to environments like the Essbase addin.
  • Retrieve and set substitution variables.
  • View member properties.
  • Zoom in on UDAs.
  • Add formatting options that save at the worksheet level, like decimals and scale.
  • Display current connection in the Excel status bar.
  • Add saved connections to the quick-connection option.
  • Use the last connection when a refresh is requested on a worksheet without an active connection
  • Include a redo and undo option.
  • Add an option to ignore column suppression on the Refresh when suppression is on.
  • Add cell actions to include cell history, comments, and supporting detail.
  • Execute calculations and business rules.
  • Include Financial Close options.
  • Add metadata export options.
    • Zoom in on children/descendants, etc., of the selected member and produce a column with the parent and a column with the child.
    • Selected members would show aliases in adjacent column.

Have an idea you want to share?

Let us know about it. Some of our best and most used features are the ones that came from the community.